The Best Coworking Spaces Near District 3 Ho Chi Minh

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Looking to unleash your creativity and productivity in District 3? Get ready to discover the ultimate coworking spaces that will ignite your innovation.

From the vibrant C-Space Coworking Office to the hip and relaxing wor.kafé 워카페, these spaces are designed to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit.

With SEATUP.CO offering convenient services and Comspace Serviced Co-working Office providing top-notch support, you’ll find the perfect environment to thrive.

And with Toong’s spacious and creative workspaces, you’ll unlock limitless possibilities.

It’s time to elevate your work game in District 3’s best coworking spaces.

Key Takeaways

  • C-Space Coworking Office and Comspace Serviced Co-working Office in District 3 provide a conducive working environment focused on innovation and collaboration, with amenities such as high-speed internet and comfortable workstations.
  • Comspace Serviced Co-working Office stands out among the best coworking spaces near District 3, receiving positive feedback on support and facilities, and offering private office services for team collaboration and growth.
  • Wor.Kafé 워카페 – Work Friendly Cafe & Office and Toong are known for their productive and cozy atmosphere, providing comfortable and well-equipped workspaces with essential amenities like reliable Wi-Fi and printing services.
  • SEATUP.CO, conveniently located in District 3, offers a prime location for professionals seeking a coworking space and encourages creativity and collaboration for innovative professionals. However, it lacks reviews or ratings for direct comparison with other spaces.

C-Space Coworking Office

You’ll love the conducive working environment at C-Space Coworking Office. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, this coworking space provides the perfect atmosphere for creative minds to thrive.

The sleek and modern design creates a stimulating environment that encourages productivity and fosters connections between like-minded individuals.

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C-Space Coworking Office offers various amenities to enhance your work experience. From high-speed internet and comfortable workstations to meeting rooms and a fully stocked pantry, every detail has been carefully considered to meet the needs of today’s professionals.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or part of a small team, C-Space Coworking Office provides the ideal setting for you to work, network, and grow.

Experience the convenience and inspiration of this innovative coworking space and take your ideas to the next level.

Wor.Kafé 워카페 – Work Friendly Cafe & Office

You can often find a productive and cozy atmosphere at Wor.Kafé 워카페, making it a great place to get work done while enjoying a cup of coffee. This coworking space has garnered positive reviews from customers who appreciate its ideal work environment.

Here are some reasons why Wor.Kafé is a top choice for professionals in District 3:

  • Comfortable Workspaces: Wor.Kafé offers comfortable and well-equipped workstations that cater to the needs of individuals and teams.
  • Cozy Ambiance: The warm and inviting atmosphere at Wor.Kafé creates a conducive environment for productivity and creativity.
  • Convenient Amenities: From reliable Wi-Fi to printing services, Wor.Kafé provides essential amenities to support your work needs.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: With a high rating and numerous positive reviews, Wor.Kafé has gained a reputation for delivering an excellent coworking experience.

At Wor.Kafé 워카페, you can expect an innovative and inspiring environment that will boost your productivity and help you thrive in your work.


There are no reviews or ratings for SEATUP.CO, but it’s conveniently located in District 3. Despite the lack of information, SEATUP.CO offers a prime location for individuals seeking a coworking space in this vibrant district.

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As an innovative professional, you understand the importance of finding a workspace that encourages creativity and collaboration. While SEATUP.CO may not have the same established reputation as some of its competitors, its location alone makes it a worthy contender.

However, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of SEATUP.CO compared to other coworking spaces in the area. Without reviews or ratings, it’s difficult to make a direct comparison, but it’s worth exploring SEATUP.CO to see if it meets your unique needs and preferences.

Comspace Serviced Co-working Office

With its positive feedback on support and facilities, as well as a suggestion to expand to other districts, Comspace Serviced Co-working Office stands out among the best coworking spaces near District 3. This innovative space not only provides a conducive working environment but also offers a range of amenities and facilities to enhance your productivity.

The convenient location in District 3 makes it easily accessible for you to work without any hassle. Additionally, Comspace Serviced Co-working Office also provides private office services, allowing you to have a dedicated space for your team to collaborate and grow.

With their expansion plans in the pipeline, you can expect even more opportunities to work in their state-of-the-art coworking spaces in other districts.

Experience the future of work at Comspace Serviced Co-working Office.


Toong is a popular coworking space in District 3, offering a spacious and creative working environment. With a rating of 4.2 out of 5 and 199 reviews, Toong has become a favorite among innovative professionals. Located at 126 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Toong provides a vibrant atmosphere that fosters collaboration and productivity. What sets Toong apart is its multiple branches in the city, giving you the flexibility to choose a convenient location that suits your needs. Here is a comparison of Toong with other coworking spaces near District 3:

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Coworking Space Rating Address
Toong 4.2/5 126 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai
C-Space Coworking Office 4.6/5 62 Võ Văn Tần
wor.kafé 워카페 – work friendly Cafe & Office 4.8/5 382/34 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai
SEATUP.CO No rating 23 Lý Chính Thắng

With its commitment to providing a creative workspace and its multiple branches, Toong is the ideal choice for those seeking a coworking space that promotes innovation and convenience.


Well, there you have it! The best coworking spaces near District 3, tailored to meet your every need.

From the conducive working environment at C-Space Coworking Office to the relaxing atmosphere at wor.kafé 워카페, these spaces have received rave reviews from satisfied customers.

And while SEATUP.CO may lack reviews, its convenient location and services make it a worthy option.

Comspace Serviced Co-working Office offers top-notch facilities and support, and Toong provides spacious and creative working environments.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote worker, these spaces are sure to boost your productivity.