The Best Coworking Spaces in Fréjus

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Looking for the best coworking spaces in Fréjus? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll guide you through the top-rated spaces in the area.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, these spaces offer a professional and collaborative environment for you to thrive in.

With beautiful workspaces, great amenities, and positive user reviews, these coworking spaces are perfect for hosting clients, attending seminars, or simply getting work done.

Get ready to discover the best places to work in Fréjus and unleash your innovative spirit!

Key Takeaways

  • Proworkin and BURO Club Fréjus-Puget Sur Argens offer professional and welcoming atmospheres.
  • Coworking 42 has positive user reviews and offers flexible membership options.
  • Point Sud Coworking Saint-Raphaël provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with fast and reliable wifi.
  • The overall coworking options in Fréjus have mixed reviews, but offer convenient amenities and a collaborative environment.

Proworkin – 70 Impasse Du Bellay

You’ll love the professional and welcoming atmosphere at Proworkin – 70 Impasse Du Bellay. This coworking space offers numerous benefits that will enhance your productivity and collaboration.

With its innovative and modern design, Proworkin provides a stimulating environment that fosters creativity and efficiency. The open layout encourages interaction and idea sharing among professionals from various industries, allowing for valuable networking opportunities.

Additionally, the well-equipped facilities and amenities cater to your every need, ensuring a seamless work experience.

When choosing the right coworking space for your needs, consider factors such as location, community, and available resources. Proworkin checks all the boxes, providing a prime location, a supportive community, and all the necessary tools for success.

Join Proworkin today and unlock your full potential in a dynamic and innovative workspace.

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Coworking 42 – 375 Avenue De Lattre De Tassigny

You can check out Coworking 42 at 375 Avenue De Lattre De Tassigny for a great coworking space with positive user reviews and a convenient location. This innovative workspace offers a range of features that will inspire and enhance your work experience. With flexible membership options, you can choose a plan that suits your needs and enjoy access to amenities like high-speed internet, comfortable workstations, and meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology. The positive user reviews speak for themselves, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 10 reviews. Coworking 42’s convenient location makes it easily accessible, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your work. Experience a vibrant and collaborative environment that encourages creativity and productivity. Join the community at Coworking 42 and unlock your full potential.

Features User Reviews and Ratings
Flexible membership options Rating: 4.8/5 from 10 reviews
High-speed internet Positive user feedback
Comfortable workstations Convenient location
Meeting rooms with the latest technology
Vibrant and collaborative environment

Point Sud Coworking Saint-Raphaël – 33 Rue Alphonse Karr

Check out Point Sud Coworking Saint-Raphaël at 33 Rue Alphonse Karr for a welcoming and friendly atmosphere to get your work done while visiting St Raphael.

This coworking space offers fast and reliable wifi, ensuring you can stay connected and productive throughout your workday.

The friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Point Sud Coworking Saint-Raphaël creates a sense of community and collaboration, making it an ideal space for networking and innovation.

With a focus on providing a comfortable and inspiring environment, this coworking space encourages creativity and productivity.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, Point Sud Coworking Saint-Raphaël offers the amenities and atmosphere you need to thrive.

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BURO Club Fréjus-Puget Sur Argens – Route Des Vernèdes Immeuble Center Azur

Experience the warm and friendly atmosphere of BURO Club Fréjus-Puget Sur Argens, located at Route Des Vernèdes Immeuble Center Azur. This coworking space offers well-equipped amenities and a convenient location for those seeking innovation and productivity.

Here is a table to grab your attention and give you a quick overview of what BURO Club Fréjus-Puget Sur Argens has to offer:

Amenities Location
Well-equipped Convenient
rooms for location
seminars and

At BURO Club Fréjus-Puget Sur Argens, you can expect a professional and responsive staff that will make you feel welcome and supported. The workspace itself is beautiful and welcoming, making it perfect for hosting clients and colleagues. With convenient amenities like Wi-Fi and video projection, you can be sure that all your work needs will be met. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the vibrant and innovative atmosphere of BURO Club Fréjus-Puget Sur Argens.

TOTAL – Avenue André Léotard

With a rating of 3.9 out of 5 based on 259 reviews, TOTAL on Avenue André Léotard offers a mixed user experience. While some users have had positive experiences at this coworking space, others have reported issues with the fuel pumps.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Positive aspects:
  • Self-serve option for convenience
  • Card reader for easy access to the fuel pump
  • Negative aspects:
  • Mixed user reviews, indicating a lack of consistency in service quality
  • Fuel pump issues reported by some users, which could be inconvenient for those relying on this amenity

Despite these mixed reviews, TOTAL on Avenue André Léotard still provides a valuable coworking experience. However, if reliable fuel pump access is important to you, it may be worth considering other options in the area.

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Other Notable Coworking Spaces in Fréjus

Looking for more options? Take a look at some other notable coworking spaces in Fréjus. These spaces offer a range of amenities and benefits for professionals seeking a collaborative and innovative work environment.

Coworking Space Rating Address
ProWorkIn 4.8/5 70 Impasse du Bellay
Coworking 42 4.8/5 375 Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny
Point Sud Coworking Saint-Raphaël 4.8/5 33 Rue Alphonse Karr
BURO Club Fréjus-Puget Sur Argens 4.5/5 Route des Vernèdes Immeuble Center Azur

Notable amenities at these coworking spaces include professional and responsive staff, beautiful and welcoming workspaces, and the convenience of hosting clients and colleagues. With fast and reliable wifi, these spaces are ideal for getting work done while visiting Fréjus or St Raphael. Other advantages include well-equipped rooms for seminars and co-working meetings, as well as convenient amenities like Wi-Fi and video projection. These spaces offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, fostering creativity and collaboration. Coworking in Fréjus provides professionals with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and drive innovation.


As you explore the vibrant city of Fréjus, don’t forget to check out these top-rated coworking spaces.

From the beautiful and welcoming atmosphere at ProWorkIn to the positive user reviews at Coworking 42, there’s a perfect space for every freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker.

With fast wifi, convenient amenities, and a friendly atmosphere, these spaces provide the ideal environment for you to thrive.

So why wait? Dive in and discover the best places to work in Fréjus today!