The Best Coworking Spaces Near Jetis

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In the bustling city of Jogjakarta, professionals seeking an oasis of productivity amidst the chaos can find respite in the vibrant array of coworking spaces near Jetis. These hidden gems offer more than just a desk and Wi-Fi; they are havens of collaboration, innovation, and inspiration.

From the sleek and modern White Space Indonesia to the cozy and artistic Crônica Creative Workspace & Eatery, these top coworking spaces provide the ideal environment for forward-thinking individuals to thrive and create.

Join us as we explore the best coworking spaces near Jetis, where innovation knows no bounds.

Key Takeaways

  • White Space Indonesia and Crônica Creative Workspace & Eatery are comfortable coworking spaces with cold air conditioning and reasonable prices.
  • Crônica Creative Workspace & Eatery is highly rated with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 (67 reviews) and is located in the city center of Jogjakarta.
  • Genius Idea Coworking Space is recommended for virtual office and meeting room needs and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 (72 reviews).
  • Space Roastery at Cronica offers a pleasant experience with great coffee, kind baristas, and spacious areas for hanging out or working.

White Space Indonesia

White Space Indonesia is located at Jl. R.W. Monginsidi No.5A, offering a comfortable and well-equipped coworking space for professionals in the area.

Working in a comfortable coworking space has numerous benefits. It provides a conducive environment where professionals can focus and be productive.

White Space Indonesia stands out among other coworking spaces in Jogjakarta with its reasonable prices and wide range of amenities. Compared to other options, it offers a great value for money.

Additionally, it has received positive reviews, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 159 reviews, indicating the satisfaction of its members.

With its innovative approach and dedication to creating a productive workspace, White Space Indonesia is a top choice for professionals seeking a comfortable and affordable coworking space in Jogjakarta.

Crônica Creative Workspace & Eatery

Crônica Creative Workspace & Eatery offers professionals in the city center of Jogjakarta a unique and inviting coworking space. With its great interior design and friendly staff, Crônica provides a comfortable and inspiring environment for individuals looking for a productive workspace. The space features indoor and outdoor areas, as well as small private meeting rooms and phone booths, catering to various work preferences.

But what sets Crônica apart is its eatery, which offers a delightful selection of food options. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a full meal, Crônica has you covered. From light bites to hearty dishes, their menu is designed to satisfy different tastes and preferences. So, whether you're in need of a caffeine fix or a delicious lunch, Crônica's eatery has something for everyone.


Features Rating Reviews
Interior Design 4.8 67
Food Options
Parking Space
Friendly Staff
City Views

Genius Idea Coworking Space

Another highly recommended option for professionals in the Jetis area is Genius Idea Coworking Space. This innovative coworking space offers a productive environment for virtual office and meeting room needs. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 72 reviews, Genius Idea Coworking Space has established itself as a top choice for individuals seeking a collaborative and dynamic workspace.

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Here are three reasons why Genius Idea Coworking Space stands out:

  • Virtual Office Benefits: Genius Idea Coworking Space provides professionals with the flexibility and convenience of a virtual office. With services such as mail handling, call forwarding, and a prestigious business address, individuals can establish a professional presence without the need for a physical office.
  • Meeting Room Facilities: The coworking space offers state-of-the-art meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology. Whether it's for client presentations, team meetings, or workshops, these well-equipped spaces provide the perfect setting for productive and successful meetings.
  • Innovative Environment: Genius Idea Coworking Space fosters a culture of innovation and creativity. With a community of like-minded individuals, professionals can collaborate, share ideas, and gain inspiration from others. The space is designed to facilitate networking and encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

For professionals seeking a dynamic and innovative workspace that offers virtual office benefits and top-notch meeting room facilities, Genius Idea Coworking Space is the ideal choice.

KAI Coworking Space Stasiun Yogyakarta

Conveniently located at Jl. Ps. Kembang No.37, KAI Coworking Space Stasiun Yogyakarta offers a comfortable and accessible workspace for smartphone owners with the KAI Access app.

This innovative coworking space provides a range of amenities to enhance your work experience. From comfortable rooms and desks to power outlets and internet access, KAI Coworking Space has everything you need to be productive. Additionally, the space offers complimentary drinking water to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

The location of KAI Coworking Space is ideal for those who frequently travel by train, as it is situated right at the Yogyakarta train station. This makes it a convenient option for professionals on the go.

Experience the convenience and innovation of KAI Coworking Space Stasiun Yogyakarta for yourself.

Space Roastery at Cronica

Located at Jl. A.M. Sangaji No.62, Space Roastery at Cronica offers a unique and inviting atmosphere for individuals looking for a coworking space with exceptional coffee and friendly baristas.

Here are three reasons why Space Roastery at Cronica is a must-visit coworking space:

  • Unique coffee blends: At Space Roastery, you can experience a wide variety of coffee blends that are carefully crafted to perfection. From rich and bold flavors to fruity and aromatic notes, their unique coffee offerings will surely tantalize your taste buds and provide the perfect fuel for your workday.
  • Benefits of a spacious work environment: Space Roastery boasts a spacious and well-designed workspace that allows you to work comfortably and freely. With ample room to move around and ergonomic furniture, you can say goodbye to cramped and cluttered workspaces. The open layout fosters collaboration and creativity, making it an ideal environment for productivity.
  • Exceptional hospitality: The friendly baristas at Space Roastery are not only passionate about coffee but also dedicated to providing excellent service. They are always ready to assist you with any requests and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Their expertise and genuine hospitality will make your coworking experience truly enjoyable.
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At Space Roastery at Cronica, you can expect a delightful blend of great coffee, a spacious work environment, and exceptional hospitality. It is a place where innovation thrives and where you can find the perfect balance between work and relaxation.

Cozy Corner Coworking Space

Offering a tranquil and welcoming ambiance, Cozy Corner Coworking Space provides professionals with a comfortable and inspiring environment to work and collaborate.

With its cozy corner design and comfortable atmosphere, this coworking space is perfect for individuals seeking a productive and enjoyable workspace.

The space is thoughtfully designed to create a sense of warmth and relaxation, allowing professionals to focus on their tasks and unleash their creativity.

Cozy Corner Coworking Space understands the importance of a comfortable working environment and provides ergonomic furniture and ample natural light to enhance productivity.

Whether you need a dedicated desk or a private meeting room, this space has it all.

The cozy corner design and comfortable atmosphere of Cozy Corner Coworking Space make it an ideal choice for professionals who value innovation and want to work in a space that fosters creativity and collaboration.

The Hive Coworking Space

The Hive Coworking Space provides professionals with a contemporary and collaborative workspace to enhance productivity and foster creativity. With its innovative design and state-of-the-art amenities, The Hive Coworking Space offers a multitude of benefits for individuals seeking a dynamic work environment.

  • Flexible Membership Options: The Hive Coworking Space offers various membership options to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you require a dedicated desk, a private office, or simply a hot desk, The Hive has the perfect solution for you.
  • Extensive Amenities: From high-speed internet and ergonomic furniture to meeting rooms and event spaces, The Hive Coworking Space is fully equipped to meet the demands of modern professionals. Additionally, amenities such as printing services, complimentary beverages, and access to a fully-stocked pantry ensure a seamless and convenient working experience.
  • Vibrant Community: The Hive Coworking Space fosters a strong sense of community and provides ample networking opportunities. Regular events, workshops, and social gatherings allow members to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals from various industries.

Experience the perfect blend of productivity, convenience, and community at The Hive Coworking Space. Join today and unlock your full potential in an environment designed for innovation and success.

The Studio Coworking Space

A popular option among professionals in the Jetis area, The Studio Coworking Space offers a variety of amenities and services to enhance productivity and collaboration. With its innovative interior design, The Studio provides a modern and inspiring environment for individuals and teams to work in. The space is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including high-speed internet, comfortable workstations, and meeting rooms. Members of The Studio also have access to networking opportunities, allowing them to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals in various industries. Additionally, membership benefits such as free coffee, printing services, and access to exclusive events further enhance the coworking experience. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, The Studio Coworking Space is the perfect place to thrive and achieve your goals.

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Interior Design Amenities Offered Networking Opportunities
Modern and inspiring High-speed internet Connect with professionals
Innovative and stylish Comfortable workstations Collaborate on projects
State-of-the-art facilities Meeting rooms Attend exclusive events

Urban Hub Coworking Space

Situated in the heart of Jetis, Urban Hub Coworking Space provides professionals with a vibrant and collaborative environment for their work. With its prime location, Urban Hub is at the forefront of urban development in Jetis, offering a space where like-minded individuals can come together to foster community collaboration.

Here are three reasons why Urban Hub is the go-to coworking space for innovative professionals:

  • Cutting-edge amenities: Urban Hub is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including high-speed internet, modern workstations, and meeting rooms with the latest audiovisual technology. This ensures that professionals have everything they need to excel in their work.
  • Inspiring design: The space is thoughtfully designed to encourage creativity and productivity. From the open layout to the stylish decor, Urban Hub provides an inspiring backdrop for professionals to thrive in their projects.
  • Networking opportunities: Urban Hub organizes regular networking events and workshops, allowing professionals to connect with like-minded individuals and expand their professional network. This creates a collaborative atmosphere where ideas are shared and partnerships are formed.

At Urban Hub Coworking Space, professionals can experience the perfect blend of urban development and community collaboration, making it the ideal choice for those seeking innovation and growth.

Startup Central Coworking Space

Notably, Startup Central Coworking Space offers a dynamic and innovative environment for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Jetis area. This coworking space is designed to meet the needs of startups, providing them with the necessary resources and support to thrive. With a focus on fostering collaboration and creativity, Startup Central Coworking Space encourages networking and idea sharing among its members. The space also offers various amenities, including high-speed internet, comfortable workstations, and meeting rooms for presentations and discussions. Additionally, Startup Central Coworking Space stays up-to-date with the latest remote work trends, allowing entrepreneurs to work flexibly and efficiently. Moreover, the space provides access to valuable startup funding resources, connecting members with potential investors and mentors. With its innovative approach and commitment to supporting startups, Startup Central Coworking Space is the ideal choice for aspiring entrepreneurs in Jetis.

Features Amenities Location
Dynamic Environment High-speed internet Jl. R.W. Monginsidi No.5A
Collaboration Spaces Comfortable workstations
Networking Events Meeting rooms
Startup Funding
Remote Work Trends


In conclusion, the coworking spaces near Jetis in Jogjakarta offer a range of options for professionals seeking a productive work environment. Whether you're looking for comfortable workspaces, affordable rates, virtual office solutions, or a quality cup of coffee, these establishments have got you covered.

With their high ratings and satisfied patrons, it's clear that these coworking spaces provide the ideal environment for productivity and collaboration. So why wait? Visit one of these top coworking spaces near Jetis and experience the benefits for yourself.