The Best Coworking Spaces Near Mouille Point, Cape Town

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In this article, we will embark on a journey to uncover the most exceptional coworking spaces near the vibrant area of Mouille Point.

As the demand for flexible work environments continues to soar, professionals are seeking shared office spaces that exude convenience, amenities, and a conducive atmosphere for innovation.

These coworking spaces, situated in close proximity to Mouille Point, offer individuals and teams an ideal solution for their professional endeavors. With each space boasting distinctive features and benefits, professionals can make informed decisions to align their workspace with their preferences and needs.

Join us as we explore the crème de la crème of coworking spaces in this innovative hub.

Key Takeaways

  • Inner City By Ideas Cartel at The Old Foundry and WeWork 80 Strand are highly recommended coworking spaces near Mouille Point.
  • These spaces offer modern and inspiring environments that foster creativity and productivity.
  • They are ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers, with flexible membership plans to accommodate specific needs and budgets.
  • While Watershed is also a recommended option for a peaceful and productive work environment, it is considered pricey compared to other coworking spaces in the area.

Inner City By Ideas Cartel at The Old Foundry

The Inner City By Ideas Cartel at The Old Foundry offers an inspiring and accommodating co-working space. With its tastefully designed decor, this space provides the perfect environment for individuals who seek inspiration and innovation.

The attention to detail in the interior design is nothing short of remarkable, creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity. The owners of Inner City By Ideas Cartel are not only friendly but also go above and beyond to ensure that their members have everything they need to thrive in their work.

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Highly recommended by those who have experienced it, this co-working space is a top choice for professionals looking for a space that combines style and functionality. Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, Inner City By Ideas Cartel at The Old Foundry is the ideal place to bring your ideas to life.

WeWork 80 Strand – Coworking & Office Space

Located near Mouille Point, WeWork 80 Strand offers a dynamic and professional coworking and office space for individuals and businesses alike. With its innovative approach to workspace, WeWork 80 Strand provides flexible options to cater to the diverse needs of its members.

Here are four reasons why this coworking space stands out:

  1. Amazing work space: WeWork 80 Strand boasts a modern and inspiring environment designed to fuel creativity and productivity.
  2. Great team and community managers: The dedicated community managers at WeWork 80 Strand are committed to fostering collaboration and networking among members, creating a vibrant and supportive community.
  3. Flexible and affordable options: Whether you need a hot desk, a dedicated desk, or a private office, WeWork 80 Strand offers flexible membership plans to accommodate your specific requirements and budget.
  4. Highly recommended for workspace: With a solid reputation and positive reviews, WeWork 80 Strand comes highly recommended for professionals seeking a top-notch coworking space experience.

Choose WeWork 80 Strand for a workspace that combines flexibility, community, and innovation.


Watershed offers a quiet and enjoyable work environment near Mouille Point. With its decent WiFi and nearby coffee shops, it provides a conducive space for innovative thinkers.

The workspace has received a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 from 393 reviews, indicating its popularity among professionals. While the WiFi may not be the strongest, it still provides a reliable connection for most tasks.

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Additionally, the presence of coffee shops in close proximity allows for quick breaks and rejuvenation. However, it is worth noting that Watershed is a pricey option compared to other coworking spaces in the area.

Nevertheless, for those seeking a peaceful and productive work environment, Watershed is a recommended choice.

Green Point

Green Point offers a diverse selection of coworking spaces near Mouille Point, catering to professionals seeking flexible and collaborative work environments. With modern amenities and a convenient location, these spaces provide a perfect setting for innovation and productivity.

Here are four options to consider:

  1. Inner City By Ideas Cartel at The Old Foundry: This coworking space boasts an inspiring decor and an awesome atmosphere. The friendly and accommodating owners make it highly recommended for professionals looking for a stimulating work environment.
  2. WeWork 80 Strand – Coworking & Office Space: Known for its amazing workspace, this option offers great team and community managers. With flexible and affordable options, it is ideal for those seeking a vibrant and collaborative community.
  3. Watershed: Although a bit pricey, this coworking space provides a quiet and enjoyable work environment. While the WiFi may not be the strongest, nearby coffee shops offer good coffee and quick bites.
  4. Green Point: Explore the coworking spaces in this area to find options that suit your preferences and needs. Discover new work environments and make sure to check out ratings and reviews from others to expand your choices for coworking spaces.


Amidst the vibrant landscape of Mouille Point, professionals can explore coworking spaces nestled alongside the picturesque waterfront.

Waterfront coworking options in the Mouille Point area offer professionals a unique and inspiring work environment. These workspaces provide a range of benefits that go beyond the traditional office setting.

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The waterfront location allows for breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere, creating a calming and productive space for work. The proximity to the water also offers the opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation during breaks, with the soothing sound of waves and fresh sea air.

Additionally, the waterfront coworking spaces often provide access to amenities such as waterfront cafes, restaurants, and recreational activities, making it convenient for professionals to have everything they need in one place.

With the combination of stunning views and a conducive work environment, waterfront workspaces are an excellent choice for those seeking innovation and creativity.


In conclusion, the coworking spaces near Mouille Point provide professionals with a variety of options to suit their needs and preferences.

From Inner City By Ideas Cartel at The Old Foundry to WeWork 80 Strand and Watershed, these spaces offer convenience, amenities, and a productive atmosphere.

With strong WiFi connectivity, nearby coffee shops, and unique features, individuals can find the perfect workspace to enhance their productivity and work experience.