The Best Coworking Spaces Near Treme, New Orleans, Louisiana

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Are you a professional seeking a dynamic and innovative workspace in the vibrant Treme area? Look no further.

Discover the best coworking spaces that will elevate your productivity and inspire collaboration. From the cozy and convenient Treme Hotel to the architecturally progressive Beta Shared Workspace, these carefully curated environments offer the amenities and support you need to thrive.

Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and success in the heart of New Orleans.

Key Takeaways

  • Treme Hotel New Orleans, located at 1933 Ursulines Ave, offers a welcoming and creative environment for coworking, with a 4.0 rating and 316 reviews.
  • Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents, and Associates is a nonprofit organization founded over 75 years ago with a mission to preserve and protect the unique character of the French Quarter, focusing on supporting local businesses and maintaining the authenticity and charm of the neighborhood.
  • Parish Hall Offices, located at 2533 Columbus St, provides fully furnished workspaces with high-speed internet and equipped meeting rooms, ideal for presentations and client meetings.
  • Fund 17, located at 2533 Columbus St 101, offers free classes and workshops, education and resources for entrepreneurs, mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to funding.

Treme Hotel New Orleans: A Cozy and Convenient Option

The Treme Hotel New Orleans is a top-rated coworking space with a cozy and convenient atmosphere. Located at 1933 Ursulines Ave, it offers a clean and nice facility with friendly and accommodating staff. With a rating of 4.0 out of 5 and 316 reviews, this space has received positive feedback from customers.

Some pros include free parking and a welcoming environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. However, there are a few cons to consider. Some customers have mentioned that the space can get crowded during peak hours, which may impact productivity. Additionally, the availability of amenities such as printers and meeting rooms may be limited.

Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents, and Associates: Supporting the French Quarter Community

Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents, and Associates play a vital role in supporting the French Quarter community. As a nonprofit organization founded over 75 years ago, their mission is to preserve and protect the unique character of the French Quarter.

One of their key focuses is supporting local businesses, which are the lifeblood of the community. By encouraging residents and visitors to shop, dine, and engage with local establishments, they help to sustain the vibrant economy of the area.

Additionally, Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents, and Associates are keenly aware of the impact of over-tourism and over-commercialization on the French Quarter. They actively work to combat these issues and maintain the authenticity and charm that make the neighborhood so special.

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Through their efforts, they ensure that the French Quarter remains a thriving and innovative community.

Parish Hall Offices: An Underrated Gem for Workspace Needs

An underrated gem for workspace needs in the Treme area is Parish Hall Offices, which provides office space and is located at 2533 Columbus St. This hidden gem offers a unique and innovative environment for individuals and businesses seeking a productive workspace. Parish Hall Offices understands the importance of supporting the diverse needs of its members, providing flexible office solutions to accommodate various work styles.

To give you a clearer picture of what Parish Hall Offices has to offer, here is a glimpse into the amenities provided:

Amenities Features Benefits
High-speed internet Fast and reliable connectivity Seamless online collaboration
Fully furnished workspaces Modern and ergonomic furniture Comfortable and efficient work environment
Meeting rooms Equipped with audiovisual technology Ideal for presentations and client meetings
24/7 access Flexible working hours Accommodates different schedules
On-site support staff Knowledgeable and helpful professionals Quick assistance and problem-solving

Parish Hall Offices is dedicated to meeting your workspace needs and providing a supportive environment that fosters innovation and productivity. This hidden gem is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses alike, offering the necessary support to thrive in their endeavors.

Fund 17: Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Education and Resources

Fund 17 is a catalyst for entrepreneurial success, providing education and resources to empower individuals in Treme. With a rating of 5.0 out of 5 and located at 2533 Columbus St #101, Fund 17 offers classes and workshops free of charge.

Their friendly and informative staff are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Through their comprehensive educational programs, Fund 17 equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the challenges of starting and growing a successful business.

Additionally, they provide valuable resources such as mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to funding. Fund 17 is a hub of innovation, fostering an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration.

For entrepreneurs in Treme, Fund 17 is the go-to destination for empowering education and essential resources to fuel their entrepreneurial journey.

Beta Shared Workspace: Where Innovation Meets Collaboration

Located at 800 Common St, Beta Shared Workspace is a hub of innovation and collaboration in the heart of Treme. This architecturally progressive space offers an open and bright atmosphere, making it the perfect environment for entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and creativity.

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Here are three reasons why Beta Shared Workspace is popular among entrepreneurs:

  • Cutting-edge facilities: Beta Shared Workspace is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern amenities to support innovative projects and ideas.
  • Networking opportunities: The space fosters a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, providing ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect, share insights, and collaborate on groundbreaking ventures.
  • Access to resources: Beta Shared Workspace offers a range of resources, such as mentorship programs, workshops, and industry-specific events, to help entrepreneurs accelerate their growth and success.

With its focus on innovation and collaboration, Beta Shared Workspace is a go-to choice for entrepreneurs looking to thrive in a dynamic and supportive environment.

The Warehouse District: a Hub for Coworking Spaces Near Treme

The Warehouse District serves as a bustling hub for coworking spaces near Treme, offering entrepreneurs and professionals a vibrant and collaborative environment to work and thrive in. With its innovative and architecturally progressive spaces, this district attracts individuals who desire to be at the forefront of creativity and innovation. These coworking spaces play a crucial role in promoting community engagement, as they bring together diverse individuals from various industries and backgrounds, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Moreover, the presence of these coworking spaces helps counteract the negative impact of over tourism on local neighborhoods. By providing alternative workspaces for professionals, the Warehouse District reduces the strain on Treme's infrastructure while still allowing individuals to be part of a dynamic and thriving community.

Coworking Space Location Features
Parish Hall Offices 2533 Columbus St Provides office space
Fund 17 2533 Columbus St #101 Offers classes and workshops
Beta Shared Workspace 800 Common St Architecturally progressive space
Treme Hotel New Orleans 1933 Ursulines Ave Offers free parking
Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents, and Associates 816 N Rampart St Nonprofit organization supporting the French Quarter

The Marigny: a Vibrant Neighborhood With Coworking Options

With its vibrant atmosphere and thriving community, the Marigny neighborhood offers a range of coworking options for professionals looking for a collaborative workspace. This lively neighborhood, known for its cultural scene and local businesses, provides an inspiring backdrop for freelancers and remote workers.

Here are three reasons why coworking in the Marigny is a great choice:

  • Cultural immersion: Immerse yourself in the unique artistic and musical heritage of the Marigny, where creativity thrives. Working in this neighborhood allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and be part of a dynamic community.
  • Local support: The Marigny is home to a variety of locally-owned businesses that can provide resources and networking opportunities. By coworking in this neighborhood, you can tap into these connections and support the growth of the local economy.
  • Flexibility and collaboration: Coworking spaces in the Marigny offer flexible memberships and amenities designed to enhance collaboration and productivity. From open work areas to meeting rooms and event spaces, these spaces cater to the needs of modern professionals.
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Experience the benefits of coworking while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of the Marigny neighborhood.

The Central Business District: Premium Coworking Spaces for Professionals

One prominent option for professionals seeking premium coworking spaces in the Central Business District is Commerce Collective. With its cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art facilities, Commerce Collective offers a dynamic and innovative workspace for professionals looking to thrive in a competitive business environment.

This coworking space boasts premium amenities, including high-speed internet, modern meeting rooms, and ergonomic furniture, ensuring that professionals have everything they need to work efficiently and comfortably.

Additionally, Commerce Collective provides ample professional networking opportunities, allowing members to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals from various industries. Whether attending exclusive events or utilizing the dedicated networking spaces, professionals at Commerce Collective can expand their network and forge valuable connections.

With its commitment to excellence and fostering a culture of innovation, Commerce Collective is the ideal choice for professionals seeking a premium coworking experience in the Central Business District.


In conclusion, the Treme area offers a variety of coworking spaces that cater to the needs of professionals. Whether one is looking for a cozy and convenient option like Treme Hotel, or a nonprofit organization like Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents, and Associates, there is something for everyone.

Additionally, the vibrant neighborhoods of the Warehouse District, Marigny, and Central Business District provide even more options for those seeking a productive and collaborative work environment. With such a range of choices, professionals in Treme can find the perfect coworking space to thrive in their work.

[INTERESTING STATISTIC]: According to a recent study, the number of coworking spaces worldwide is projected to reach over 40,000 by 2024, highlighting the growing popularity and demand for these shared workspaces.