The Best Coworking Spaces Near Vake, Tbilisi

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Venture into the vibrant realm of Vake and discover the finest coworking spaces that embody innovation and inspiration. These remarkable workspaces, located in convenient proximity to the heart of the neighborhood, offer a harmonious blend of elegance and efficiency.

With their exceptional amenities and cutting-edge facilities, professionals and entrepreneurs can thrive in an atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration. Prepare to embark on a journey of productivity and success as you explore the best coworking spaces near Vake, where innovation and ingenuity converge to create the ideal environment for your aspirations.

Key Takeaways

  • Convenient coworking spaces near Vake
  • Highly regarded and highly rated spaces
  • Foster a sense of community and promote innovation and creativity
  • Well-maintained facilities

Terminal • ტერმინალი

Terminal • ტერმინალი is a well-maintained and convenient coworking space located near Vake. This innovative workspace offers a range of benefits for professionals seeking a productive and collaborative environment.

One of the key advantages of working in a coworking space is the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals from diverse industries. Terminal • ტერმინალი provides a strong sense of community and fosters a culture of innovation and creativity.

When choosing the right coworking space for your needs, it is important to consider factors such as location, amenities, and the overall atmosphere. Terminal • ტერმინალი ticks all the boxes with its convenient location near Vake, well-maintained facilities, and various room sizes to cater to different work preferences.

Experience the benefits of working in a coworking space by choosing Terminal • ტერმინალი as your preferred workspace.


LOKAL is considered one of the most highly regarded coworking spaces near Vake, offering a professional and productive atmosphere. It is known for its homely atmosphere that promotes productivity and fosters a strong sense of professional community.

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The friendly and welcoming owner creates an environment where members feel supported and motivated to collaborate. The space also provides excellent coffee to keep energy levels high throughout the day.

LOKAL is widely recognized as the best coworking space in Tbilisi, attracting individuals who desire innovation and thrive in a community-oriented environment. With its convenient location and various room sizes to choose from, LOKAL provides a flexible and accommodating workspace for professionals from all industries.

Joining LOKAL means becoming part of a vibrant community that values collaboration, networking, and community building.

Terminal Khorava

Continuing the exploration of noteworthy coworking spaces near Vake, the next space to be discussed is Terminal Khorava, a highly rated establishment known for its exceptional comfort and convenient location at 3 Akaki Khorava St.

Terminal Khorava stands out for its comfortable chairs, providing a conducive environment for innovation and productivity. The space has garnered high praise from its users, making it a popular choice for professionals seeking a comfortable and efficient workspace.

Situated in a convenient location, Terminal Khorava offers easy access to nearby supermarkets, further enhancing its appeal to individuals seeking a seamless work experience.

With its focus on comfort and convenient amenities, Terminal Khorava is a prime choice for those who desire a modern and innovative coworking space.


The coworking space known as Collective offers professionals an ideal place to get work done, with its highly rated facilities and convenient location at 10 Givi Kartozia St.

Here are the top amenities at Collective coworking space:

  1. Clean and well-maintained environment: Collective ensures a clean and organized workspace, providing professionals with a comfortable and professional atmosphere to focus on their work.
  2. Fast elevators for easy access: The coworking space understands the importance of efficiency, offering fast elevators that allow professionals to quickly move between floors and access their workspace without any hassle.
  3. Best coffee available: Collective takes pride in serving the best coffee to its members. With a dedicated barista and a wide selection of coffee options, professionals can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while working, keeping their productivity levels high throughout the day.
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Collective coworking space aims to provide an innovative and productive environment for professionals, ensuring that they have all the necessary amenities to thrive in their work.

UG Startup Factory

UG Startup Factory, located at The University of Georgia, offers professionals a highly rated coworking space tailored specifically for electronic music producers. This coworking space is ideal for individuals in the electronic music industry who desire a collaborative and supportive work environment, thanks to its innovative and creative atmosphere. The staff and co-workers at UG Startup Factory are not only friendly but also incredibly helpful, providing valuable insights and assistance to electronic music producers.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced producer, the UG Startup Factory is suitable for all levels of expertise. Additionally, the affordable pricing makes it accessible to a wide range of professionals in the industry.

If you are an electronic music producer looking for a coworking space that fosters innovation and creativity, the UG Startup Factory is the perfect choice.


In the bustling neighborhood of Vake, professionals and entrepreneurs can find exceptional coworking spaces that prioritize cleanliness, convenience, and a strong sense of community.

With various room sizes and friendly owners, these spaces offer a productive and collaborative environment for individuals to thrive.

Highly regarded and praised by users, these coworking spaces are considered the best in Tbilisi, making them an ideal choice for professionals seeking a premier working environment.

So, whether you're a freelancer, a startup, or a remote worker, Vake's coworking spaces are the perfect place to fuel your productivity.